The Isthmus... Revisita AREA

You work and work and hope someone notices. Meeting after meeting, if the work is strong people take notice. It's very humbling to see revisita AREA of Panama give so much attention to The IsthmusWhen I started this project way back in 2004, I had no idea how long and how much hard work it would really take to bring this project to the next level. It's been a labor of love. Nobody paid me or forced me to create this document. I did it because of my passion to tell the story of Panama in the modern age. 

When Claudia of AREA told me they would feature The Isthmus in the March issue I was elated. But, I didn't do this alone. Enlisted was noted architect Edward McGrath. Edward would pen an essay. He would put into perspective what the images created would mean for Panama and it's future generations. Those words and thanks puts into perspective the recognition for the project.

A collaboration such as this gives a new perspective to the project. To see how others perceive the work is fascinating. It gives the work a different dimension, creating a narrative that I might not have thought about previously. That is a very exciting revelation. 

For that I want to say thank you!